[aur-dev] Hello all

Manuel Tortosa manutortosa at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 20:31:06 EDT 2010

On Friday 24 September 2010 02:14:39 Loui Chang wrote:
> No. You should actually send patches to aur-dev at archlinux.org as
> git-formatted patches. Have a look at the HACKING file at the top of the
> source tree.
> Do you have a git repo with the code for CCR somewhere?
> We could possibly just manage patches across a couple of branches, and
> do fancy merging and all that fun stuff without the need to email
> patches around.
> I'm happy to see that there's some use for the AUR code outside of Arch
> Linux. :D
> Cheers.

lol sorry.. first patch already sent to the other ml :/ 
it was a bit big bcause it include the GeShi code needed. it's a 45kb tar.gz, 
with the patch, so i was waiting approval.

Must i send it to this list?

About the git repo -> not yet

The Ccr belongs to the new chakra webpage and it's not released yet so i keep 
it in the dark until the final release of the new template this weekend ;)

Even more i'm following the work of Jan Mette and he never created a repo for 
the webpage development, the Ccr git will be online soon, maybe we can do some 

Bestt Regards.

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