[aur-dev] small translation problem

PyroPeter abi1789 at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 26 11:17:13 EDT 2010

On 09/26/2010 03:31 AM, Loui Chang wrote:
> Nope there's no automatic cleaning of the translation files, so they may
> very well contain duplicate and obsolete strings. I'd welcome
> contributors for such a task. The translation related scripts and
> functionality could use some attention too.

How do you translators translate? I edited the .po file directly, is
someone using the translation_tool?

I created some scripts that parse the .po files and search the code for
usage of the __() function. (I know there was code for this before, but
it would take me less time to rewrite it then to understand and adapt
the old code, my code also is modular)

The scripts then search for obsolete translations and untranslated
strings. [1]

Based on that I could write a script that rewrites the *.po files
(only the required strings). It could also reorganize the strings
into sections of strings used by the same template (which would
help translating, if one edits the .po file directly)

It would be easy to write a script that allows to change some strings
in the .po files without loosing the translations. (It could also be
told to copy the translations to a second string, which would be what
we need to solve the "Submit" issue)

Regards, PyroPeter

[1] http://gist.github.com/597985
freenode/pyropeter                          "12:50 - Ich drücke Return."

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