[aur-dev] Patch for French translation

Cédric Girard girard.cedric at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 17:03:41 EDT 2011


Here is a patch for the French translation.

What have been done :
 * Translation of "notify" has been changed to the literal translation
"notifier" which seems more appropriate (cf. recent thread on AUR-general)
 * Uniformization of the translation of "flag"
 * Addition of "TU" besides the translation of Trusted User as user may not
understand that Trusted User and "Utilisateur de confiance" are the same
 * Some capitalization correction (in French you don't put capital letters
in the middle of a sentence as you do eg for title in English).
 * "unsupported" translation has been replaced by "unsupported" (with
quotes) as it makes no sense to translate it
 * "Safe" translation has been replaced by "sûr" has it seems more
appropriate than "sain" (sane)

I think that sum it up.

I won't try to attach the patch as it seems not working very well ... Here
is a pastebin link instead:

Cédric Girard

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