[aur-dev] Remove package search auto-complete

Callan callan at zoocar.org
Mon Dec 30 02:38:20 EST 2013


Before I start off on my rant I just want to say I am not trying to attack whoever committed this feature originally. Please don't take it personally.

Can you please please please apply this patch to remove the auto-complete popup on the front page quick search. This is such an obnoxious use of javascript and I honestly see no point in it. I understand the intention fine but, in practice, I find myself having to hit enter 3 times just to do a search. Every. Single. Time. I've wasted more time pressing enter now than I ever did using my eyes to manually filter the result list on the next page.

What's worse is as far as I can tell this is literally the only time javascript is used in the AUR and we are pulling in two entire libraries for it. What's the deal?? This cuts even deeper for me because I spent months trying to convince people in the past that, shock and horror, the web uses javascript these days and we can take advantage of it. Now it's allowed in and it's not even being used properly.

If anyone disagrees with me, please say why, because I'd love to have a debate on the merits of this feature. Otherwise, can we get this applied as soon as possible.

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