[aur-dev] Add a VCS field in the package details page

Dustin Falgout dustin at falgout.us
Sat Nov 30 16:10:53 EST 2013

Good point. I guess the real question is should this be handled by 
makepkg or the AUR website? I don't see it being very difficult to have 
it done by the AUR website. Of course, the url would have to be placed 
alone in a separate file (AUR does not and will not parse PKGBUILDS) 
Perhaps someone that is more familiar with AUR/makepkg development will 
chime in on this...


On Sat 30 Nov 2013 11:18:57 AM CST, Yardena Cohen wrote:

> I think this proposal is something simpler, almost akin to url= in a
> PKGBUILD. I too keep my PKGBUILDs in a git repo, and sometimes I've
> even put the github link as the upstream URL. It would be nice if
> there was a more correct place for that.
> Maintainers can use their own host, doesn't have to be github.
> Obviously we're responsible for avoiding dead links, just as in url=
> and source= etc.


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