[aur-dev] AUR 4 and licensing

Gordian Edenhofer gordian.edenhofer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 08:30:01 UTC 2015


I agree, this problem should be fixed. I suggest that whenever uploading a
PKGBUILD one must agree that one is willing to licence the content of the
scripts under GPLv3. I guess a checkbox should be enaught.
By the way GNOME extensions are handled more or less the same way so it
should also work for arch.

Best regards

Currently the content of the AUR is in a sort of gray zone. All of the
contents are technically copyrighted, and since there is no explicit
license it defaults to 'all rights reserved'.

To mitigate this I’d propose making a ToS for the AUR that for one says
that the user agrees to either license the PKGBUILD and accompanying
scripts under a specific license, or that they agree to assign copyright to
Arch Linux.

While it wouldn’t be possible to apply it to the packages already upload,
I’d suggest implementing this change during the migration to AUR 4.0.0 when
the official AUR will be started afresh, causing all newly uploaded
packages to fall under the ToS.


 Johannes Löthberg
 PGP Key ID: 0x50FB9B273A9D0BB5

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