[aur-dev] ./configure --prefix Conventions

Simon Thorpe djtanks at live.com
Wed Feb 11 10:37:24 UTC 2015

   The first one will build and install it (root needed) and the second
   one will build it for packaging (which is later installed as root).

   I'm new to Arch too but I think the way AUR used to work is it used to
   build as root so it could install directly like that. Which may
   indicate out of date PKGBUILDs.

   These days though the second one is more common because you build as
   non-root into $pkgdir then later install into /usr as root via pacman.

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   On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 9:22 PM, Jashandeep Sohi
   <[2]jashandeep.s.sohi at gmail.com> wrote:

     I was browsing some PKGBUILD on AUR and it seems there are two ways
     running the autoconf configure script.
     One, is the more frequent `./configure --prefix=/usr` and the other
     `./configure --prefix=$pkgdir/usr`.
     I was wondering if one is more correct than the other? Are there any
     downsides to using the second one?
     Jashandeep Sohi


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