[aur-dev] [aur-general] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 20:16:42 UTC 2015

> As a native English speaker, I have never misinterpreted the meaning of
> that link.  There are plenty of words in the English language that have
> multiple meanings and it doesn't prevent me or others from confusing
> the intent.

Actually, that second sentence of yours seems pretty confusing to me.  It
looks like you've used a double negative, which gives the opposite meaning
than the one you intended.  I just hope you're never tasked with
contributing to any of the Arch Wiki articles.

> Lodge also has a noun and verb meaning.  As a noun, it is a temporary
> home and as a verb, it can also mean to live in a temporary home.  By
> your logic, this makes the word even worse of a choice.

I'm starting to wonder whether you might have Asperger syndrome.  Just
because the dictionary says something doesn't mean it fits all contexts.
The word "file" has a double meaning with respect to the AUR, while "lodge"
does not.  This is because the AUR's central topic is "files", but it has
nothing to do with "lodges".

> Furthermore, I am a firm believer of reading documentation and the Arch
> Wiki has a spot on the Arch User Repository page that explains how to
> file requests [1] and how to grab the PKGBUILDs then how to install
> them [2].  If the link is changed, I think Jiachen Yang has a better
> solution.

My view is that leaving the AUR in a confusing state and forcing Archers to
go to the Wiki for answers is a pretty stupid idea.  Several people have
already said that they were nearly tricked by "File Request".  How many
more will need to speak up before you'll finally admit that it's necessary
to make a change?

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