[aur-dev] [PATCH] Dedupe translatable strings

Linas linas_fi at ymail.com
Fri Nov 27 17:50:41 UTC 2015

On 25/11/15 21:45, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Nov 2015 at 20:52:57, Safa Alfulaij wrote:
>> Sentences or strings refers to the same thing. It's not necessary to 
>> treat the translator as an end-user that shouldn't be aware/take care 
>> of placeholders or accelerators. And doing that would combine the 
>> strings with the same content as a single string, which might be 
>> impossible to translate because the context differs. [...] 
> I disagree. For example, the titles of our web pages are
>      AUR (en) -- Home
>      AUR (en) -- Packages
>      AUR (en) -- Register
>      [...]
> but there is absolutely no point in changing the strings from "Home",
> "Packages" and "Register" to "%s (%s) -- Home", "%s (%s) -- Packages"
> and "%s (%s) -- Register". In fact, this would be quite confusing for
> translators. The same applies here: We do not split any translatable
> strings but remove the separator and the package base name from the
> strings, thereby reducing the workload of translators. There is no
> context lost here.
I can imagine there's some language where the right translation for 
"Delete Package: Foo" is something akin to"Foo package deletion", or 
"Deletion of Foo". Which is no longer possible.

> I even checked all translations before submitting
> this patch: None of them seems to change the ": %s" suffix to something
> else.
Good. But how to know such translation won't be desirable in a few 
months? What for instance about someone translating this sentence to a 
LTR language?

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