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Thu Mar 8 02:24:49 UTC 2018

Currently AUR web interface is able to resolve the dependencies in case if
the dependendent package is provided by another package (see
python2-catkin-pkg in the dependencies list):

However AUR RPC is not allowing querying by Provides field but only by `name`,
`name-desc` and `maintainer` fields:

The discussion about that problem (
actionless/pikaur/issues/53) resulted in at least 3 possible ways to
resolve that issue:
- adding name-desc-provides filter
- adding provides filter
- when searching by name match not only Name field but also Provides field

Please let me know if you're OK with one of the following approaches or
propose another one. And if you fine with the idea let me know if you can
implement such filter or I should send a patch.
Also related ticket:

All best, Yauheni Kirylau

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