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Thu Mar 8 05:24:55 UTC 2018

I'm pretty new to this mailing list. But I'm been thinking the same thing.
Talked about it in a previous mail.

I think it's a great idea. When searching by name, i think the rpc should
at least also search by the "replaces" attribute too. Provides would be a
separate query but it could also be the same.


tors 8 mars 2018 kl. 03:25 skrev Actionless Loveless <
actionless.loveless at>:

> Currently AUR web interface is able to resolve the dependencies in case if
> the dependendent package is provided by another package (see
> python2-catkin-pkg in the dependencies list):
> However AUR RPC is not allowing querying by Provides field but only by
> `name`,
> `name-desc` and `maintainer` fields:
> The discussion about that problem (
> actionless/pikaur/issues/53) resulted in at least 3 possible ways to
> resolve that issue:
> - adding name-desc-provides filter
> - adding provides filter
> - when searching by name match not only Name field but also Provides field
> Please let me know if you're OK with one of the following approaches or
> propose another one. And if you fine with the idea let me know if you can
> implement such filter or I should send a patch.
> Also related ticket:
> All best, Yauheni Kirylau

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