Writing PKGBUILD for libaacs keydb.cfg

hagar hagar at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 4 12:23:48 UTC 2018

hello all,

I need to ask a couple of questions regarding the KEYDB.cfg file for 
libaacs and bluray disks.

I have discovered that the file can be installed in /etc/xdg/aacs/

This is the systemwide config directory for libaacs on linux.

1. Is it preferable to write a periodic download for systemd or to 
download the file itself?

         Could this be a legal issue?

2. Can an install script modify the users home directories - ie. create 
the .config/buk directories.

3. Would it be OK to link the users vuk directory to a system wide one 
in say /etc/xdg/aacs/vuk so that all users can share the keys?

I would rather ask a silly question than create a problem later.

I dont want to go against any goup preferences.



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