[PATCH] add rpc v6: support multiple _by_ fields

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Nov 5 20:57:57 UTC 2018

On 5/31/18 11:24 PM, 尤立宇 wrote:
> Hi, this is a WIP patch following up the one at March:
> [PATCH] feat(rpc): return "providers" packages when querying by `name`
> or `name-desc`
> (I failed to make git-send-email to reply to the thread)
> The goal is to allow tools to use the RPC to resolve dependencies reliably,
> by introducing a new version of the RPC (v6):
> 1. Support querying by the provides field
> 2. Support querying with multiple _by_, for example, by[]=name&by[]=provides
> The design pretty much follows the one discussed (in the thread
> mentioned above) previously,
> I can bring up more context if needed.
> Here's a draft document of how it works:
> https://github.com/afg984/aurweb/wiki/aurweb-RPC-Interface-(v6-draft)
> This is a WIP patch, and I'd like to get some feedback before moving on.
> There are a few things worth noting:
> 1. commit 1ff40987 implemented search by depends, checkdepends,
> optdepends. They are currently left out.
> 2. v5 allowed searching for orphan packages by leaving out the arg=
> argument. This is left out as well.
> 3. as search and info is now a similar concept (and a little different
> than those in v5), I've implemented them in a separate function. I'd
> like to know if this is the way to go, or I should try to reuse the
> existing structure.

Can you update doc/rpc.txt to describe the new version? Looks like the
github wiki contains partial work towards this, but it's not in asciidoc

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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