[aur-general] VOTE: pressh (Ronald van Haren)

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 12:53:35 EST 2007

2007/12/11, Roman Kyrylych <roman.kyrylych at gmail.com>:
> 2007/12/6, Roman Kyrylych <roman.kyrylych at gmail.com>:
> > Hi!
> >
> > This message starts a voting period for pressh (Ronald van Haren).
> > His introduction is here:
> > http://archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2007-November/006260.html
> > The discussion period was extremly quiet (0 messages!), I encourage
> > you to be more active! (see previous threads for a reason). ;-)
> >
> > Now, let the voting begins!
> >
> > And for the first time in the history - I vote in the starting message
> > (I always forgot before). :-P
> >
> > My vote is, obviously, Yes.
> >
> > You have 1 week to vote.
> >
> Only 16 TUs voted. You have 2 days left, please be more active!

total - 33
active - 31 "officially", ~27 in reality
voted - 18
yes - 16
abstain - 2

According to TU Bylaws we have not reached the quorum. This is what I
was worried about in past.
Please be more active!

Given the fact that the majority of active TUs voted and majority of
votes were "yes" I think it is reasonable to bring pressh into our
If someone objects - please specify reasons.
AFAIR we already had a couple of discussions about the status and
future of TU Bylaws - I think it's time to produce a some result from
them now, because if we'll follow our current TU Bylaws strictly and
there still will be problems with quorum - they became a limiting

If someone of TUs not voted in this thread wants to do this now -
you're welcome.
All discussions about TU Bylaws and the current situation with TUs
becoming inactive without a notice message on this ML - please create
another thread.

I doubt I could take part in them because of reasons I will post
shortly on all general MLs.
Bye all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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