[aur-general] Enforcing TU Bylaws

Leslie P. Polzer leslie.polzer at gmx.net
Wed Dec 19 04:27:53 EST 2007

> I also need to mention, aside from these 4 people I think there are
> about a third of the TUs who MUST vote in the currently running thread
> (unless of course you already have) or else they'll also have to be
> added to that list.

Yuk. For god's sake, please propose something more constructive, like
a change of the quorum rules. I still do some TU stuff occassionally,
although I don't vote right now.

A bunch of more or less inactive TUs isn't a bad thing (esp. considering
there aren't enough), as long as they don't mess up votes because of
the quorum.

  Leslie (dejari)

My personal blog: http://blog.viridian-project.de/

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