[aur-general] Enforcing TU Bylaws

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Wed Dec 19 14:01:24 EST 2007

On Dec 19, 2007 1:56 PM, Leslie P. Polzer <leslie.polzer at gmx.net> wrote:
> >> > Why not? Are you marked as inactive?
> >>
> >> I can declare myself to be so, if it helps.
> >
> > Sounds like you're trying to shirk responsibility here. I have to
> > agree with Callan here. If you're active, you should note ignore the
> > voting threads - it's part of the responsibilities of the TUs. If a
> > person doesn't want to do this, doesn't want to be part of the group
> > and simply wants to pump out packages it's probably a better idea to
> > run your own custom repo instead of being part of what should be a
> > democratic group.
> It depends on one's view of a TU's duties. Mine obviously differ considerably
> from yours. I cherish the friendship amoung TUs, but I currently confine
> myself to contributing the little bit here and there. One might call it
> following the "half a TU is better than none" philosophy.

If I approached my paid job with the attitude of "doing half my work
is better than doing none of my work" I'd be fired in a heartbeat,
replaced by someone who'd do the whole job - I don't like that kind of
attitude personally.

However, seeing as how this is an elected volunteer position, the
dynamic is different - you won't get 'fired' as a TU for only
maintaining packages and never voting, for instance, although that
seems to be what the original starter of the thread would like to
start as a policy.  It's been a while since I've read the bylaws, so I
have no idea of whether it explicitly states that TUs have to vote,
but I'd be surprised if that isn't the case, since quorum is expected.

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