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Ivy Foster ivy.foster at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 18:56:04 EDT 2008

On 12 Apr 2008, at  2:41 pm +0200, BaSh wrote:
> 2008/4/4, BaSh <bash.lnx at gmail.com>:
> >  9wm
> >  [SNIP]
> >  w9wm
> Moved to unsupported

Hey, folks...FYI, I adopted these two. I'm not a TU or I would've
volunteered sooner (I do want to help out, but I know non-TUs can't
maintain in Community, and so I would've been glad to see one pick 'em
up, but that didn't happen; oh, well). No major changes to the
packages since they're pretty stable; just updated PKGBUILDs so folks
wouldn't harass the old maintainer.

On an unrelated note, anyone interested can find a (very preliminary)
proposal for lisp packaging on the Wiki at...


Anyone who cares one way or the other about this should obviously feel
free to improve upon it; I just thought there should be one since lisp
stuff in general is often sort of very loosely distributed to begin
with (a cost of flexibility, I suppose), so it can be helpful for
distributors to try to impose some order.

Anyway. I hope this is interpreted as helpfulness and not as hubris,
'cause that's how it's all intended, I promise.

Have a nice [time of day appropriate to your timezone].
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