[aur-general] Community x86_64

Mikko Seppälä t-r-a-y at mbnet.fi
Sun Apr 13 06:21:54 EDT 2008

Back from London :p

Now that I got about a week until my job starts, I will try to bring the 
x86_64 side somewhat up-to-date.
I'll do the packages that have versionnumber changes before going to 
minor (pkgrel) changes.
http://dev.archlinux.org/~andyrtr/pkg_diff.html is what I'm going to use 
to track things.

If anyone has any 
objections/comments/touch-and-you-are-dead-meat-packages/etc please 
respond and I see what I can do.
Otherwise packages will be treated "as if they were mine" so everything 
to be update will be (atleast tried to be) updated

For these replys to come, I shall begin tuesday (as I got loads of 
things to do on monday).

    - Mikko Seppälä (Neverth)

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