[aur-general] [Help] Vegastrike

Uwe Vogt jada at archlinux.us
Sun Apr 27 21:14:45 EDT 2008

I like to build the packages for the Game Vegastrike

I am not shure now how I will do it. I need some ideas.

Option No. 1 I build one package all in one from  
Option No. 2 I build 3 packages  "vegastrike", "vegastrike-data" and  
"vegastrike-music" build from Ubuntu's deb packages.

Why I am asking is, I am in doubt with using ubuntu's deb packages and the  
download size from Vega Strike 0.5.0 is 488 Megabytes. With a fast  
Internet it will be no problem, but many people still using slower dialup  
or DSL.

It is something what I don't like about AUR, that we only provide PKGBUILD  
and not the packages.


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