[aur-general] [Help] Vegastrike

Slash demodevil at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 17:40:39 EDT 2008


I have many games-related PKGBUILDs in the AUR over the years, some of
which are massive in size. In my opinion, you should just make 1
PKGBUILD for the whole thing and be done with it, forget about what
Debian does. We build from source on the AUR, which means you'd have
to have that 420M requirement for every one of the 3 packages (ok,
maybe 2, since the one is probably a binary from source), which is
absurd, with no benefit. The PKGBUILD should try to reflect the
distribution method of the source software, as long as it makes sense.
In this case, it makes sense. If they make a new release, but didn't
change any of the music, you'd still need to update the music PKGBUILD
because the md5sums changed and you'd have to download the new version
anyways for the data.

And as mentioned, if someone doesn't want the music, they can modify
the PKGBUILD. This is a perfectly reasonable expectation you can have
from an Arch Linux user. Arch isn't here to do everything for you and
hold you by the hand- It gives you the tools to do things yourself
easily if you don't like something.

Compare with CPMA (Quake 3 Mod) which distributes the core game
components and maps separately- This makes sense to have 2 PKGBUILDs
because the map pack is rarely updated and there is no reason to
require the user using the CPMA PKGBUILD to download the same 50M map
pack every couple of weeks when there is a new release.

If they distributed these and updated these separately, it would make
sense- or if we were only concerned with distributing the built
package and bandwidth on our package repos, but under these
circumstances, considering the nature of the AUR, I would say one
PKGBUILD would be best.



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