[aur-general] [Help] Vegastrike

Jan Spakula jan.spakula at gmx.com
Mon Apr 28 09:34:09 EDT 2008

Excerpts from Alessio Bolognino's message of Mon Apr 28 08:02:04 -0500 2008:
> On Sun 2008-04-27 18:14 , Uwe Vogt wrote:
> > Why I am asking is, I am in doubt with using ubuntu's deb packages and the 
> > download size from Vega Strike 0.5.0 is 488 Megabytes. With a fast Internet 
> > it will be no problem, but many people still using slower dialup or DSL.
> If I didn't misunderstand, the sources are very big, so you are not
> sure if it would be better to build the package from the sources or
> from ubuntu's packages, right?

By looking at vegastrike's website, they provide:
1) binaries (32 & 64) + data + music -> 488MB
2) sources only -> 9MB
Ubuntu has: vegastrike 5MB + vegastrike-data 153MB + veagstrike-music

For me personally, I'd just go for the original binaries from the
authors. I think if 488MB is too much, 217MB (from ubuntu) is too much
also. Furthermore, apart from size, there's no reason to depend on
ubuntu's packages (just "cut the middle man").

If you think it's important, I'd suggest two PKGBUILDs: vegastrike (the
original from authors) and vegastrike-deb (or vegastrike-ubuntu :) where
you use deb's.


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