[aur-general] UID/GID reservation request for pulseaudio

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 08:47:14 EDT 2008

I hope this is the right ML for asking this... another mail will
follow with a similar request for vlock.

I'm pulseaudio's maintainer in [community]. This package needs one
user (pulse) and three groups (pulse, pulse-access, realtime) to work,
but I couldn't find suggested ids for them. I didn't change the values
I found when I inherited the package, so at the moment we have id 130
for pulse user and group and 131 for pulse-access. The 'realtime'
group was added only recently, replacing the old pulse-rt, which had
132, and doesn't have any assigned gid, which is *bad*.

It would be good to officially reserve a few ids for this package
(130, 131 and 132, maybe?), also considering this package should
someday go to extra...


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