[aur-general] TU Resignation

Sebastian sebnow at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 03:57:29 EDT 2008

With the heavy university load I will have this semester, I don't think I'll
manage to keep up with the mailing list and updating packages. I have mostly
stopped using Linux altogether, and the install that I do have is a bit of a
mess, so maintaining packages has become more of a nuisance than something I
enjoy. I wanted to become a TU mainly to learn the workflow of a TU and
generally just find out how the AUR works from the perspective of a TU, in
order to develop AUR2. I think I have mostly done that, but AUR2 development
has ceased. Hopefully I (or someone else ;) ) will pick it up and finish it
off. I just don't have the time right now.

Luckily I don't have many packages in community. I didn't really get around
to moving the ones I wanted from unsupported to community. The ones that are
there are free for the taking, if anyone wants them. If not, I can move them
to unsupported and try to keep maintaining them, or orphan them. I will try
to maintain the ones in unsupported, they don't get updates very frequently
(or at all).

The packages in community are:
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