[aur-general] new @ aur please help getting things right with package idjc

das.t tobias at tonstrom.de
Sat Aug 16 14:15:08 EDT 2008

hello people, 

i would like to introduce myself, i am tobias from leipzig, germany and as 
i love doing radio i love using idjc. after (partially) switching to arch 
and liking it i compiled it myself, just as i have done for more than a 
year now on debian. after discovering aur and seeing idjc is unsupported i 
decided that if i compile each new version myself i might as well help and 
try to get it updated in aur. 

unfortunately i am having very little time at the moment, leaving me no 
time for radio, yet i am trying my best to keep up with new releases. 
with the last release i had some problems (as mentioned in the forum, it 
did not build due to some changes in the place some headerfiles of ffmpeg 
got saved). unfortunately in the german forum i got into the way of a 
troll which discouraged me a bit for a while. as the latest version even 
did not work correctly on my own system and i had not enough time to check 
things out i had to delay working on it.

anyway, i just uploaded a new PKGBUILD for the latest release of idjc. to 
my pleasure it built even without patching or the likes and installs 
correctly on my system and is working fine. right now i do not have the 
chance to test idjc on 64 bit, but i am going to install that again soon. 
i had a broken computer and had to start 
from scratch on a new machine. 

i would appreciate any help, i am willing to read manuals, already did 
read some aur related docs. i might be missing something. i know i am no 
programmer, i am still learning i just want to do my best and help. if i 
am missing something, please do tell me. 

most important: does it build for other people too?

i have been broadcasting with radiotux.de from linuxtage chemnitz last 
linuxtag berlin last year and talking to people there i found that there 
is a great demand for an application like idjc. i would like to see it in 
arch and i would like to help others to use it in a simple way. this is my 
motivation. to give something back for all the great things i am 

humble greetings, 


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