[aur-general] new @ aur please help getting things right with package idjc

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 05:45:40 EDT 2008

The AUR is actually a transparent (almost?) source-based web-based
power-based car-lifting-based package manager. Whatever problems that arise
will be reported by the users as comments, so you will get your feedback.
Willing to read manuals? Good, get ready to lift a Volkswagen:


You already did? OK. If you would like help with a package:


Been there? OK. If your main concern is with idjc getting into the main
repos, don't worry. If it's popular, or a TU deems it to be useful, then it
will get into community (or extra if a package is _really_ useful). ATM you
can monitor the comments to see if it does _not_ build for someone.

So for the PKGBUILD itself:

* Don't patch like that
-------- Write a normal patch with diff -aur

It looks way cluttered and is not simple anymore. Once you keep it clean and
simple, it will be easier to troubleshoot problems. You can take a look at a
Gentoo ebuild to get some ideas for the build process.

There is a little bit more to touch up, but I hope you can learn that
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