[aur-general] Someone hug sergej

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 16:10:06 EST 2008

On Wednesday 03 December 2008 1:31:46 am w9ya wrote:


> - Yes users are ALWAYS VERY IMPORTANT, including the ones that do NOT vote.
> The problem is that a user has to understand enough about archlinux to get
> ahold of aurvotes and yaourt and manage to install them, and we forget how
> hard this process can be compared to simply installing it and using the
> binary repos. The ham radio community seeks solutions to problems adn quite
> frankly arch is a good solution, but asking them to vote and so forth is
> NOT a good solution to seeing their use represented as it is quite a bit of
> additional work to just vote on something. Heck most of the users of arch
> are not even registered users, let alone voters.

If I may be allowed to say something here.....

I have been an Arch Linux user for about 1 year after migrating from Fedora to 
Linux From Scratch to now Arch.  I have now five machines (at home) currently 
running Arch from desktops to servers.  

In my side business I build subversion systems for small businesses.  I picked 
Arch to build these because of the rolling release model and the ABS system.
ABS is an excellent  system if I may say.  It is easier for me to build custom 
system for my side business.

I have in the whole time up to now have not voted upon a single package in any 
repo.  Although I have consumed packages from most of the repos,  AUR 

Voting for a package(s) is just not something that is of value to me as a 
user/consumer . 

So I can some what [ validate && understand ]  what Bob Finch is saying.
                             Sorry BASH made me do it :)

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