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w9ya w9ya at qrparci.net
Thu Dec 4 17:08:09 EST 2008

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 2:16 PM, kludge <drkludge at rat-patrol.org> wrote:

> w9ya wrote:
> > So, yeah, now is the time for Aaron to consider such an approach. And
> > IMHO it is something to consider BEFORE asking us to consider the
> > current proposal from Allan/Lou. HECK , I can't even get Aaron to ask me
> > for money I said I would donate.
> well, i wouldn't want to push any decisions too momentously on anyone.
> forming a legally recognized organization and going 501(c)(3) or
> fiscally sponsored is a big deal.  takes *at least* a year and a lot of
> dedication.

All the more reason to be doing this yesterday, and if not yesterday, then
today. Certainly waiting for tomorrow will cost you, ne , and anyone else
involved with Archlinux more than dealing with it immediately. As in right

One thing for sure. Aaron should start considering that he will not be able
to grow Archlinux with his finances from where they are now, if I am to
believe what he has said in the past few days. Either the money is there or
it is not. And if he needs more money, he is creating a HUGE set of problems
by not seeking some relief from taking this money in as personal income.
Heck if he needs a lot of money and it shows up as his income, then he might
well cross boundries and pay a higher percentage on his taxable base. That
would be a shame and a travesty related to not seeking this kind of tax

Aaron NEEDS to fix this funding problem NOW regardles of what is entailed.
If the answer is to limit access to resources, or limit the use of
resources, or seek efficiency in those resources FIRST, he will still end up
having to deal with this funding via his personal income issue anyways in
time. I.e. Aaron cannot run away form this funding problem. Spending his
time advocating this current proposal from Allan/Lou is simply a distraction
compared to what he NEEDS to do.

Sooner or later Archlinux WILL suffer compared to other distros that do NOT
have this funding oddity. Archlinux cannot easily grow into a larger distro
without fixing this. It just is not possible. NO other large distro is run
this way. And Archlinux IS on the cusp of just such growth. That or there
would be NO REASON to consider the proposal of Allan/Lou that is at hand.


Bob Finch

> if aaron et al. do decide to go that route, i'd be happy to offer what
> advice and experience i have, but ianal and iananpoa (n_on-p_rofit
> o_rganization a_adminstrator).
> also, if this dicussion goes any further, it should probably move to
> arch general or the forum.
> -kludge
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