[aur-general] Can it be done?

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 18:45:58 EST 2008

If you look at the install.proto in /var/abs/ (if you have abs, which is 
now separate from pacman), you may be able to but that stuff in the 
pre_install() function.

You could also package modifications of mysql apache php, and have FreePBX 
require them.

But probably the installer can be convinced to ignore those checks, maybe 
with a usage flag, otherwise with a patch (which wouldn't be a bad feature 
upstream either)

Apart from the wiki, the respective manpages for pacman, makepkg, PKGBUILD 
have some information.

Then, if you still don't understand something, ask, and maybe the 
documentation should be changed to include that case...

* On Tuesday, February 26 2008, Collin wrote:

> NOTE: This is my first actual fresh pkgbuild. What a way to start!
> I've been looking into creating a package for FreePBX. However, I'm now 
> wondering if it can be done with the pkgbuild system. The problem is that 
> FreePBX wants a # of changes to a variety of packages (namely, mysql, 
> apache, and php) and it wants to check to see that those changes are done 
> before it installs. For instance, it wants mysql to already have a user 
> account and PW for it as well as tables setup, etc. It seems like it might 
> be difficult to make a package first add a bunch of system changes and then 
> install the files. Is this possible to do?
> I'm thinking that my only hope would be to patch the FreePBX installer so 
> that it no longer checks and instead make all of the necessary changes in 
> an .install file which would run after the package is installed, correct?
> It would have been helpful if there was much of any documentation on how to 
> go about building packages. But, I can't seem to find much of anything 
> concrete.

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