[aur-general] VOTE: Removal Of xterminus

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Tue Jan 1 15:10:27 EST 2008

Firmicus wrote :
> Callan Barrett wrote :
>> Alright, the 5 day vote is now over for the removal of xterminus.
>> I count 18 yes votes and 2 no votes, this meets quorum and means
>> xterminus is no longer a Trusted User. I think everyone is in
>> agreement that his packages should be moved unsupported and I suppose
>> (unless anyone else wants to volunteer) I'll be putting all the
>> modules in there. I think we should leave them in there for a few days
>> to pick at them if that's ok with everyone else.
> All right. In fact in the past months I have silently updated many of 
> xterminus' perl packages after he "disappeared" in July/August. Since 
> some are dependencies of other packages in [community], I intend to 
> adopt these and several others that I use.
> F

I have adopted a bunch of perl packages from xterminus, and I checked 
all the remaining ones for those that are dependencies of other 
community packages. The result is as follows:

perl-convert-asn1 is a dependency of perl-ldap (maintained by Sergej)
perl-crypt-simple > checkgmail (dtw)
perl-curses and perl-curses-ui > yfklog and yfktest (bfinch)
perl-net-ipv6addr < gresolver (Sergej)

So Sergej, dtw and bfinch, I suggest that you adopt the above pkgs ;-)

I think all other packages previously maintained by xterminus can now be 
orphaned and moved to [unsupported]. BTW, is there a way to do this 
other than the pedestrian manner described in the wiki?

Best wishes to all fellow TUs for the new year!


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