[aur-general] orphaned packages in community

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 07:29:48 EST 2008

2008/1/11, Ronald van Haren <pressh at gmail.com>:
> Before giving the list of the remaining packages, I would like to ask if
> someone has any interest in maintaining all of the e17 packages ? If no one
> steps up we should discuss what we want to do with e17.

I don't think there are TUs interested in e17... otherwise we would
have heard from them. Did you try to contact the takhis repo
maintainer? It looks like he's still updating the packages, and he's
also AUR's maintainer (nickname: reverie).

> Now the list as is (you may find a more acutal list on the AUR web interface
> as people are adopting).

Great, I've taken a couple (last-exit and gourmet).
There's a bunch of packages that were left out of this list, they are
the ones by mOLOk, who resigned a few days ago. Here's the list:

ddclient 3.7.3-1          Update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on
many dynamic DNS services
fpconst 0.7.3-1          A python module implements IEEE-754
double-precision special values
gnu-efi 3.0a-2          Library for build EFI Applications
gpomme 1.12-1          GTK+ client for pommed
librsync 0.9.7-3          A free software library that implements the
rsync remote-delta algorithm (rdiff).
lxmusic 0.1.1-2          Lightweight XMMS2 client (part of LXDE)
lxpanel 0.2.4-2          Lightweight X11 desktop panel (part of LXDE)
lxsession 0.1.1-3          Lightweight X11 session manager (part of LXDE)
mairix 0.21-1          A program for indexing and searching email
messages stored in Maildir, MH or mbox folders.
netwmpager 1.11-1          A NetWM/EWMH compatible pager
pommed 1.12-2          Handles the hotkeys of Apple MacBook (Pro) laptops
python-soappy 0.12.0-5          Client-server library for web
programming using SOAP and related protocols (WSDL, UDDI, etc).
rdiff-backup 1.0.5-4          rdiff-backup makes incremental backups
to local or remote locations
refit 0.7-3          A graphical bootloader for EFI-based ia32 systems
smplayer 0.5.62-1          A complete front-end for MPlayer
smplayer-themes 0.1.14-1          Themes for smplayer 	
sux 1.0.1-1          A wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials
xkbset 0.5-2          A small utility to change the AccessX settings


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