[aur-general] e17 packages in community (was orphaned packages in community)

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 15:14:39 EST 2008

To not clutter the 'orphaned packages in community' thread, I created a new
one for discussing the e17 packages.

As I have not yet heard something from reverie and I had some free time
today, I decided to take a closer look to e17 (he is of course still free to
contact me).
Currently provided as orphans in community are snapshots. The latest e17
snapshot release has been August 2007 (the ones in community are one or two
months older). This means that updating e17 to the latest snapshots still
gives as an outdated version of e17. I did not find anything on the e17
mailing lists on when new snapshots will be provided, or why there are not
updated anymore.

So what have I done. I created all core e17 CVS packages from scratch and
wrote a build script to easy update them all with just one command.  I've
been running them for the last 5 hours or so, and everything seems to work
stable. I think it would not hurt if the CVS packages would come in place of
the snapshots in community as it is not sure when, or even if the snapshots
will be updated in the near future.

If somebody is against, please speak.

Also, I need somebody to at least test building it for x86_64 to check if I
can safely use Aaron's build machine (I will contact him if so), or that I
should better find someone to update it for x86_64.

Get the archive with all PKGBUILDs and the buildscript from
http://pressh.googlepages.com/e17-cvs-pkgbuilds.tar.gz. Make sure you
configure pacman to work with sudo before executing the buildscript (see the
script for further details).

For anybody else willing to test, you can add the following to your

Server = http://pressh.googlepages.com/

Install the i686 versions with 'pacman -Sy e17-cvs'

Thanks for your time!
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