[aur-general] REMOVAL: Discussion Period for sergej

Callan Barrett wizzomafizzo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 03:45:30 EST 2008

sergej, this officially marks the discussion period for your removal
as a Trusted User.

For weeks now it's come to my attention many times your attitude as a
Trusted User as well as the attention of several other people and I'm
surprised it hasn't been brought up earlier, I'm going to list the
reasons I believe you're no longer fit to be a Trusted User and I want
you to defend yourself on these points:

* You have neglected voting long enough to be brought up for removal,
even longer if you do not vote again in the next 2 days, and when you
do vote it is only just "acceptable".
* You currently maintain 602 packages in the community repo:
  - This is an insane amount of packages by any standard and yet you
keep adopting more for no apparent reason other than to bump your
package count, not many of them have a high vote count so why is this?
You're not helping out by adopting packages when you can't maintain
them properly.
  - It's possible for me to pick out almost any package at random that
you maintain and find something that goes against arch packaging
standards such as missing maintainer tags, missing licenses and some
of the weirdest build functions I've ever seen, it's as if you adopt
these packages straight out of unsupported without checking them at
  - The fact you don't bother with licenses has already become an
issue, as I pointed out recently on the ML (which you did not even
reply to) you had packaged smf *illegally*. Furthermore you leave
licenses blank, add bogus licenses such as "unknown" or don't add a
license variable at all, this is obviously not good enough.
* Aside from voting occasionally your contribution to discussions are
very few, part of being a TU is the community aspect and I know you're
not the only person who does this.

~70 of your packages are missing licenses.
~440 are missing either a maintainer tag of contributor tag.
~550 are missing a maintainer tag.

I think you have too many packages for anybody to maintain properly
which seems to be the cause of your neglect towards them and I can't
think up any justifiable reason that you adopt so many in the first
place. I want you to reply to this thread so you can hopefully justify
your actions but to be honest I see no reason why you should continue
being a Trusted User with this attitude towards the job you agreed to
when you applied.

So begins the three day discussion period, I'm very interested in
anyone's response to this issue.

Callan 'wizzomafizzo' Barrett

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