[aur-general] REMOVAL: Discussion Period for sergej

Callan Barrett wizzomafizzo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 04:37:35 EST 2008

On Jan 17, 2008 11:16 PM, Sebastian Nowicki <xilonmu at gmail.com> wrote:
> The point I was making is that in comparison to the rest of TUs, Sergej
> is maintaining a huge amount of packages. As others have said, it's hard
> to maintain such a large amount of packages, though Sergej is doing an
> amazingly good job, in terms of keeping them up to date.

I started the discussion period simply because sergej had also not
voted for a long time (seems that is changing now), if he had been I
would have just brought up his pkgbuilds for regular discussion.
Regarding sergej's pkgbuilds, why did it even take a thread like this
for you to fix them? Why weren't they fixed when they were uploaded or
some time in between then and now? If you're so damn confident you can
take care of 600 packages and be any good at it why did I have to
start up this thread?

I simply DO NOT think you're capable of this and you're kidding
yourself by saying you can, it's not hard to bump a pkgver a few times
a week, it IS hard to maintain quality for 600 packages at the same
time and your work definitely reflects this. Again, stop kidding

At this point I can't see this discussion going very far, just like
all TU discussions. I've been doing this for a year now and *nothing*
has happened, nothing has improved and stuff has just gotten worse and
worse as people stop caring. I don't think I care anymore either
because the only people who who have any real opinion aren't TUs and
are unable to vote, the rest of you just agree with both sides and
contribute nothing. Why even bother?

Callan 'wizzomafizzo' Barrett

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