[aur-general] REMOVAL: Discussion Period for sergej

Sergej Pupykin pupykin.s at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 05:10:55 EST 2008

I suggest you to file a bug into FS with the list of ~70 of miss licensed
packages at least, instead of discuss about what I can or what I can not to

I would appreciate if you help me by reporting problems instead of hating in
this thread.

PS - Yes, I can not periodically visit all 600 home pages to check for
updates, I suppose that users can mark package out-of-date.

I started the discussion period simply because sergej had also not
> voted for a long time (seems that is changing now), if he had been I
> would have just brought up his pkgbuilds for regular discussion.
> Regarding sergej's pkgbuilds, why did it even take a thread like this
> for you to fix them? Why weren't they fixed when they were uploaded or
> some time in between then and now? If you're so damn confident you can
> take care of 600 packages and be any good at it why did I have to
> start up this thread?

Most of my packages I adopt from xterminus/perl and willysilly from
community. So I did not recheck it carefully because it was uploaded by TU.

Actually ~100-150 PKGBUILDs written by me or adopted from unsupported.

I simply DO NOT think you're capable of this and you're kidding
> yourself by saying you can, it's not hard to bump a pkgver a few times
> a week, it IS hard to maintain quality for 600 packages at the same
> time and your work definitely reflects this. Again, stop kidding
> yourself.
> At this point I can't see this discussion going very far, just like
> all TU discussions. I've been doing this for a year now and *nothing*
> has happened, nothing has improved and stuff has just gotten worse and
> worse as people stop caring. I don't think I care anymore either
> because the only people who who have any real opinion aren't TUs and
> are unable to vote, the rest of you just agree with both sides and
> contribute nothing. Why even bother?
> --
> Callan 'wizzomafizzo' Barrett
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