[aur-general] REMOVAL: Discussion Period for sergej

Benjamin Andresen bandresen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 06:38:24 EST 2008

"Leslie P. Polzer" <leslie.polzer at gmx.net> writes:

> The community repo and AUR are working, so why the useless talking?
Yeah, why should something be improved. It's those damn stupid people
with a stupid agenda.

> We should be thankful for Sergej to maintain such a high workload
> (and obviously he's prepared for it, some minor points aside that
> just needed prompting him) instead of trying to kick him out.
Nobody is trying to kick anyone out, it's about doing the right thing
and try to _improve_ things.

> Even if he should leave one day there are enough TUs on the team
> to solve the problem of the packages he leaves behind.
Wait, you were a TU right? Did you even have 4% of the packages that
Sergej currently has? 

Don't talk for others about what they can do.

But let me do the same:
Nobody likes to clean up a mess.

>   Leslie

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