[aur-general] e17 packages in community (was orphaned packages in community)

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Sun Jan 20 15:17:30 EST 2008

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Ronald van Haren wrote:

> Time for a little update on this subject.
> After my last e-mail on this subject, Reverie (the guy from the
> unofficial e17 [takhis] repo) responded to my mail. As he has not much
> time on his hands, he is happy for me maintaining it in [community],
> as he says.
> I also asked him if it would be best to have the 'stable' snapshots or
> the cvs versions in [community]. As he responds there is no such thing
> as stable snapshots. These snapshots are created whenever the e17 dev
> feels like it, sometimes even during api changes. Besides that, the
> available themes and such do only work with the cvs versions.
> Well, that's the most relevant information for you guys, the rest he
> mails is on some deprecated deps an such.
> How I will go from here ?
> As you may have noticed I've uploaded e17-cvs packages to [community]
> somewhere last week. This is for i686 only at the moment. For the
> x86_64 builds I'm struggling with Aaron's build machine though it is
> not working out yet. An e17 x86_64 user has offered me his help  by
> creating a build environment for me on his workstation, though we're
> not quite sure yet how to do so.  He has created a thread on bbs about
> this here: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=42545
> Feel free to pop in on that subject if you have any hints.
> If we succeed to set up this 64bit build environment, all I have to do
> is run a couple of scripts in there and everything should go
> automagically.

I could build them. Just send me the scripts and the list of packages.

> For the current snapshots, I'm still not sure if to put them into
> unsupported, or to delete them altogether. If they go into unsupported
> the prefix should be changed to /usr (currently it installs in
> /opt/e17).

I would just delete them. If not, put them 'as is' in unsupported. The 
next maintainer will fix them.

> That's all about e17 atm.
> ps. Tomorrow I should find time on posting the 'to be removed' list
> for the orphaned packages in community. I'll recheck all deps before
> doing so.

Yesterday, I moved adns from extra to community. So it's one more orphan 
that needs to remain in community.

> Ronald

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