[aur-general] TU Application

Jeff Horelick jdhore1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 13:41:57 EDT 2008

I also forgot to mention this (writing long emails is hard :P ); I'm
currently working on a disto called DebianX (Debian as the base and
the name was suggested by my co-developers, not myself) and in said
distro where we currently only have 20 users (we haven't gotten even
an official release out yet or our website up), i am the maintainer of
all of GNOME, Firefox/XULRunner, and whatever else i want to maintain.

On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Jeff Horelick <jdhore1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Let's see how i can do this:
> @everyone: I was a bit harsh on my original "taking over packages"
> message and i agree that my original "message" would be the wrong
> approach. If i did send out a message like this...Well...I'd first
> refine my "template", but i'd also give probably a 1 month time period
> for a response. Here's my revised takeover message (for now):
> "Hello $uploader-name, i noticed that $package that you maintain in
> the AUR is out-of-date and doesn't work because of $error. Please fix
> your package or let me know that you're not going to at all so it can
> be taken over."
> I didn't mean to sound overly confrontational. :(
> @Allan - The package that failed on me was debootstrap so you're off
> the hook. :P
> @Angel (part1): Sorry, i don't have any documentation that qualifies
> me as a Debian Developer. I've been inactive for ~3-4 years now and
> every package i maintained has been taken over.
> @Angel (Part 2): I prefer i686, but i do have 3 x86_64 boxes that i
> can use to build packages if needed (Just have to install Arch on
> them).
> @DaNiMo & @Angel - I'll be honest, Arch just has that feeling that i
> can't use it as a primary desktop distro and i don't know why, but i'm
> trying to figure it out (and fix either me or the problem i have with
> Arch). Until that time though, i do run Arch on almost every box in my
> house besides my main desktop, my MythTV box and my server.
> @DaNiMo - hehe...I completely remember licensing issues and i was
> actually on the fence about uploading Charybdis because it uses
> OpenSSL (going to gnutls in their new release) and i remember all the
> OpenSSL licensing issues from my time with Debian.
> @DaNiMo/All - As i mentioned, my goal is 1 package a day. I can't
> guarantee that i will do 1 a day, every day, but i will try. As for
> being a TU...The biggest thing is to move packages that i find
> interesting/useful to community, be able to assist other AUR/Arch
> users better and be able to maintain packages that are unmaintained,
> but not orphaned.
> I hope this answers all of your questions/comments and i'll be around
> for a while to answer even more :)
> Thanks
> JD

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