[aur-general] [arch-dev-public] Please stop the install message insanity

Aaron Schaefer aaron at elasticdog.com
Tue Jul 29 17:56:52 EDT 2008

I don't have a lot to offer as fas as suggestions on implementation,
but did want to say that I too find the over use of install messages
to be annoying, and it really should only show up on a first
installation of the particular version of software it applies too.  If
it could be referenced later, that would be nice, but it doesn't need
to be there every time.

One in particular that stood out for me on a recent upgrade was p7zip's message:

:: In order to use p7zip with mc:
:: Add u7z to /usr/share/mc/extfs/extfs.ini
:: and add the following to /usr/share/mc/mc.ext:
:: regex/\.(7z|7Z)$
::      View=%view{ascii} 7za l %f
::      Open=%cd %p#u7z

I do not have mc installed, nor do I think this should be in an
installation message even if I did.  If you think it's important, or a
good tip for other people, put stuff like that in the wiki.  Anyway,
that's just my $0.02

Aaron "ElasticDog" Schaefer

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