[aur-general] Trusted User Application

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 01:19:40 EDT 2008


Although as you stated contributing packages is not your primary goal,
I suggest you still take another look at your PKGBUILDs and correct
the small mistakes that are still in there. If you need help finding
them please let me know and I'm happy to point them out.

> Some of my big goals are:
> - Develop a new system for sharing PKGBUILDs.
> - Give TUs more direct access and control of that system.
> - Get every single darn bug closed.

Can you elaborate on these three points (like what kind of system do
you have in mind, by bugs you mean AUR bugs or any kind of bugs, etc)

> I greatly appreciate if you can see a benefit in appointing me as a
> Trusted User. You guys already seem to do a very good job though. If
> anyone has packages that they don't really use, please let me know and
> maybe I can take care of them. :D

I got lots of these packages, and so do many other TUs I think. Do you
want to take them all? :p


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