[aur-general] pkgrel updates

Allan McRae mcrae_allan at hotmail.com
Tue May 20 08:36:26 EDT 2008

Hi TUs,

I was looking at the pkg_diff page in order to build some packages for 
community64 and noticed something I found a bit worrying and after much 
thought, I decided to bring it up.  It could all be entirely legitimate 
and if so I apologize.

A large portion of recent updates (~2/3) are only bumped in the pkgrel, 
i.e. no pkgver update.  While I realize some of these will be legitimate 
rebuilds, it is a bit of a concern to me given nothing major has moved 
from the testing repo and I don't recognize the packages from bug reports.

I haven't looked at whose packages these are (and at this stage, I 
honestly don't care), but it seems a reminder about quality control on 
the packaging front is needed.  I don't mean to sound overly grumpy, but 
this costs users and the mirrors bandwidth as well as giving the few 
x86_64 using TUs more work. 

I really don't like writing emails like this. We can all make good 
packages or else we wouldn't be TUs.  So please double check your 
packages before uploading them.


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