[aur-general] TU request

Edward Tjörnhammar xhemi at cube2.se
Wed Oct 22 05:57:54 EDT 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, Loui wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 10:28:41PM +0200, Edward Tjörnhammar wrote:
>>   I recently contributed a package 'inn' which I intend to continue
>> working on. The package was added to [community] so I will continue with
>> as inn-orig in AUR, user xhemi. If I were to become TU I believe that I
>> can help to improve any number of packages in need of love but would
>> continue with 'inn'. My sponsor is Sergej Pupykin.
> Hey Edward. I'm curious why you are maintaining a package in unsupported
> that also appears in [community]? Is there a particular difference between
> inn and inn-orig?

Hello and sorry for the slow reply!

The back story is that i wanted a usenet service except leafnode. This was 
the only supported server at that time, so I decided to contribute 'inn' 
to AUR. Sergej must have thought that it was a nice compilation since he 
moved it to [community] with 0 votes. This however stopped me from working 
on it.. So after having contacted Sergej, I decided to upload another 
package and apply for TU, since both would allow me to continue to work.. 
The problem back then was that certain combinations of configure flags 
would break the build which I knew was very near a resolve. The package 
was only semi-functional but, at least, working.

When I, today, tested his build it works like a charm, so there is no need 
for 'inn-orig'. In the end I haven't had the time to do any additional 
work on the package.

I will get back to you guys once more when I've had the time to review the 
packaging guidelines and beautify the remaining builds.

As a side note and discussion topic for you guys, I think that a TU should 
not just move a package without any votes and that the TU should contact 
the current owner before moving it.


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