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Paulo Matias matias at archlinux-br.org
Fri Sep 12 13:22:24 EDT 2008


On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 1:27 PM, bardo <ilbardo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I gave OSS a shot, since it's free again and it seems to be
> technically superior to ALSA in many ways, but I noticed it is "a bit"
> aggressive with ALSA itself... to be clear: it killed my alsa modules.
> All of them. I had to reinstall the kernel to get it fixed. It's
> obvious that a package conflicting with kernel26 is less than ideal. I
> don't know if there's a way to prevent this behaviour, I got too upset
> to check and abandoned the whole thing. Do you know if the problem
> still exists? If yes, how do you plan to solve it?

OSS scripts automatically move the ALSA modules to a
/lib/modules/2.6.26-ARCH/sound-preoss.tar.bz2 file if they are found
when OSS is started (e.g. at the boot time).  This way, when OSS is
installed, and every time kernel26 is updated, the ALSA modules are
automatically moved to the sound-preoss.tar.bz2 file before starting

If the user wants ALSA back, she only needs to remove the OSS package.
In the install script (take a look at
in the pre_remove function, I call
/usr/lib/oss/scripts/restore_drv.sh. The restore_drv.sh script will
restore the ALSA modules from the sound-preoss.tar.bz2 file.

Please note that all these scripts come by default with OSS. I only
call them when they were supposed to be called.

No users had complained about problems restoring ALSA, so I think this
problem was present only in old packages, packaged by past

I'm often in touch with OSS developer community and I will ask them to
review the packages before moving to [community], to be sure
everything is done correctly.

Best regards,

Paulo Matias

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