[aur-general] Stopping Arch contribuiting

M. Rawash mrawash at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 16:07:50 EDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-09-21 at 12:52 +0200, Timm Preetz wrote:
On Sun, 2008-09-21 at 12:17 +0200, Andrea Scarpino wrote:
> > 2008/9/21 M. Rawash <mrawash at gmail.com>:
> > > i've adopted most telepathy/empathy packages, except for
> > > please move it to unsupported so i can adopt it :)
> > telepathy-glib cannot be moved to unsupported, is required by
> > telepathy-haze and telepathy-sofiasip in [community], both maintained
> > by gummibaerchen.
> I will talk to the devs, whether they will put empathy + telepathy-* in
> [extra] with GNOME 2.24 or not.

ok, i've also packaged (fedora's) online-desktop (see
which includes quite a few packages (that include empathy among others), i
was wondering if we could create a new group in community called
'online-desktop', which shall include:
- online-desktop
- bigboard
- beautifulsoup
- hippo-canvas
- desktop-data-model
- empathy/telepathy
- others?

i wanna hear your thoughts, this is only my second message to AUR's ML

i could also use some help packaging mugshot, seems like it needs some
patching in order to find some xulrunner deps, but i'll keep trying..

M. Rawash
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