[aur-general] TU appliance Jens Maucher (defcon)

Chris Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Sun Apr 5 09:19:16 EDT 2009

Stefan Husmann wrote:
> the voting period for Defcon has ended, and he did not get the majority 
> of votes. He got four times "yes", eleven times "no" and four abstains.
> So, that is democracy, but it would be nice if there would be some 
> discussion about the reasons for the failure.

I looked at Defcon's PKGBUILDs.  Here's a (hopefully constructive) suggestion.

When applying, point out the work that *you* have done.
Mention those packages that you contributed, I.E., those
that aren't adopted.  If you put some serious effort into an adopted package,
mention that as well.
What have you done that makes you proud?  Tell us about it.

-- Chris

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