[aur-general] Maintainer vs Contributor tag let's find a solution ; )

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 6 20:56:33 EDT 2009

My summary of this:

1) Maintainer tag:  It is a comment - makepkg does not care so nor 
should you

2) $foo vs ${foo} : they do the same thing (except in rare cases where 
brackets are needed...) - makepkg does not care so nor should you.

3) "$srcdr" vs $srcdir.  The quotes are good for people who build in 
directories with spaces in their name - so it may be good to use 
quotes.  But I don't care about people who use spaces in directory 
names, so I am not going to do this.  Note the prototype does include 

4) $startdir/src vs $srcdir.   $srcdir is correct.  As stated in the 
PKGBUILD man page, there is no guarantee that these will continue to 
point at the same directory in future pacman versions.


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