[aur-general] Resigning as a TU

Chris Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Sat Apr 11 10:46:59 EDT 2009

Firmicus wrote:
> Hello all,
> It is also time for me to resign as a Trusted User. I've been here for
> two years already, and it's been quite enjoyable. But now my time
> schedule is getting too demanding, and I prefer to leave the field for
> new TUs. Of course, I will continue to contribute to the Arch community
> as a developer.

Sorry to hear about your resignation, but you have my best wishes.  Good
luck with your other endeavors as an Arch developer.

> I offer the following packages for adoption to any interested TU:
> libxml-perl
> perl-crypt-ssleay
> perl-json
> perl-file-nfslock
> perl-freezethaw
> perl-mime-tools
> perl-term-readline
> perl-xml-dom
> perl-xml-regexp
> perl-xml-sax

I'd be more than happy to adopt all of these Perl packages in one fell swoop.
They look straightforward.  Do you have any advice about maintaining these
and other Perl packages?
Is it possible to get CPAN to send me email whenever a new version of
one of them is released?

-- Chris

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