[aur-general] Resigning as a TU

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Apr 11 12:25:59 EDT 2009

Chris Brannon <cmbrannon at cox.net> wrote:

> > I offer the following packages for adoption to any interested TU:
> *SNIP*
> > libxml-perl
> > perl-crypt-ssleay
> > perl-json
> > perl-file-nfslock
> > perl-freezethaw
> > perl-mime-tools
> > perl-term-readline
> > perl-xml-dom
> > perl-xml-regexp
> > perl-xml-sax
> *SNIP*
> I'd be more than happy to adopt all of these Perl packages in one fell swoop.
> They look straightforward.  Do you have any advice about maintaining these
> and other Perl packages?
> Is it possible to get CPAN to send me email whenever a new version of
> one of them is released?
> -- Chris

You can use pacpan in a script to get the latest versions (and to generate PKGBUILDs with extensive provides arrays (many CPAN modules use the same sources and thus create the same package even though they use different names)).

You can also use makerepo with pacpan to automatically build newer packages when new module versions are released.


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