[aur-general] TU application: Laszlo Papp

Lucas Salies Brum lucas at archlinux.com.br
Sun Aug 2 11:20:11 EDT 2009

I haven't got big knowledge, I am not TU or developer, but I would
like to express my sincere support to Laszlo, because he always helped
me and helped those who needed, in patching a Makefile with sed,
general PKGBUILD questions, and archlinux/linux general questions.

We talked about him yesterday(2 person) on #archlinux-br channel, and
the conclusion was he would be a great TU, and we support him.

I trust him, really, he helped me(too) a lot, in enthusiastic way,
without any agressive senctence.

I wouldn't write so long mail, I think it's better to read more
opinion than just a few.

Good luck. Laszlo!

2009/7/31, Laszlo Papp <djszapi2 at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I'd like to formally express my interest in becoming a Trusted User.
> My name is Laszlo Papp and I'm addicted to archlinux. :) I'm a 23 year
> old from Hungary, working at a resourcement/development company as
> Embedded Linux Developer.
> I've been using Linux for more than 7 years. I used Gentoo until early
> 2008, and I learned a great deal about Linux in the process. I settled
> on Arch more than 1 year ago, nearly 1 and half :) Moving to Arch was
> easy for me, because of my years of experience with Gentoo. I was very
> attracted by the lack of dominance of money and business world and by
> the warm and friendly community.
> I have got some experience in Assembly, C, VHDL languages. I have
> written some open source usb kernel driver (for Passport Reader,
> Fingerprint Reader, etc.), and a pci kernel driver.  I've worked with
> PIC, AVR microcontrollers, DSP processors, ARM architecture, and FPGA
> design. I deal with Blackfin DSP board with Embedded Linux on it
> recently, and I try to help to write C/ASM API for this.
> My username on the BBS, AUR, Wiki, Bugs, and Freenode is
> djszapi. Mainly my contribution to archlinux community was on this
> sites. See the following URL for my packages in AUR:
> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?SeB=m&K=djszapi
> I think that Arch does not have a significant presence in the embedded
> development area of community. I wish to make Arch a viable choice for
> an embedded developer, by maintaining more popular embedded
> development related packages in [community].  My Second purpose to do
> the best support in Arch for vim editor. I like to work from a text
> console, with framebuffer, and vim :) As a TU, I will offer my
> knowledge and time to improve my favourite distribution and also the
> open source world, which gave me so much in the last few years.
> I would like to add these packages to the [community] repo.
> 1. AVR microprocessor: avarice, avra, avr-gdb, kontrollerlab, simulavr,
> tavrasm, uisp,
> gnome-avrdude
> 2. PIC microprocessor: picasm, picp, picprog, pikdev, piklab, pk2cmd
> 3. Blackfin Digital Signal Processor: blackfin-toolchain-elf
> 4. Tinyos: nesc, tinyos, tinyos-tools
> 5. ARM architecture: openocd-svn
> 6. Picoblaze Softcore processor: kpicosim
> 7. FPGA design: ghdl-bin, verilator
> 8. Some common, like usb-serial converter driver: libftd2xx.
> Feel free to ask me, if something is obscure or you would like to know
> more about me.
> Thanks to Stefan Husmann for sponsoring me.
> Best Regards, Laszlo Papp

Lucas Saliés Brum
lsbrum @ irc.freenode.org

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