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Lucas Salies Brum lucas at archlinux.com.br
Wed Aug 5 02:09:01 EDT 2009

All clear for me, thank you all.

2009/8/5, Gergely Imreh <imrehg at gmail.com>:
> 2009/8/5 Lucas Salies Brum <lucas at archlinux.com.br>:
>> How do I know that a package will work in an architecture different from
>> mine?
> Read the documents that the original coders wrote to see whether
> there's any indication that it won't. Try to test it if you can. Ask
> people with other platforms to test it. (I think usually there's very
> good feedback on AUR for such things, sometimes even advice how to fix
> it when it does not work).
> If you are really hardcore, have a virtual machine set up with Arch of
> the other architecture, so you can test it directly. But that's mostly
> overkill...
> Cheers,
>    Greg

Lucas Saliés Brum
lsbrum @ irc.freenode.org

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