[aur-general] Voting for djszapi results

Laszlo Papp djszapi at archlinux.us
Wed Dec 16 20:12:02 EST 2009

> I think you wrong to begin the vote procedure without a discussion
> period. Ok, we had that, but no one TU posted nothing about and this
> should warn you.

I tried to contact with some TUs who took me constructive critics in
the first application, and they gave me positive feedbacks by now (but
maybe they will answer too).

I think a silent discussion period in this case could give chances to
hope in a successful voting period instead of warning us (me and
Sergej), because if there was any problem with someone in the past
that was explained in the discussion period to clarify it, because
that's why discussion period exists :) Some TUs reassured me
meanwhile, so I really hoped because I love Archlinux :P

> Though I voted 'abstain' I am sorry for Laszlo, but seems that Arch is
> not his way. After the 'big fails' (the first application) he did a
> bad impression and bad impressions are hard to clean.

You're right Andrea, I did some mistakes when I entered the archlinux
community, and I've felt its effect, but recently I think the
situation has changed, I experienced it from the feedbacks. (or at
least I tried to change it :P).

'bad impressions are hard to clean' -> I imagined when I was child and
a really bad boy huhh, I caused so much problems for my parents, I
feel sorry them :), but we love each other since then, and I think the
forgiveness is good human feature if the person can do it.

I guess Sergej's purpose (and me too) was with this discussion for me
to know where you, TUs see my weeknesses so that I will be able to
improve it.

Anyway, thanks everything  and for everybody who voted anyway, mainly
for Sergej whose time I exploited :)

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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